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Let´s see the first Success Story from our founder and CEO, JP success story of transformation.



Hello My Friends!

My journey has been hard, as I think yours have also been. I have experienced many inspirational and radical changes that I would like to share with you.

In many ways, I have come to realize that at the end we are all walking through a hard path and, without any exemption, as the journey is tough, our achievements and lessons are big and deep too.

It can help you to go directly to the transformation story. For now, let´s focus on what you can get from mine.

In short, my path has been full of transformation episodes. First, being an Army Officer for two years; second, studying and fighting to become a renown Lawyer for fifteen years; third, as an Entrepreneur during seven years, and; finally, as a Personal and Business Coach –for the moment, because I may jump into the music as I have always loved to be a singer, hehe–.

Receiving my Law Degree from a Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Chile.

Receiving my Lawyer Degree from a Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Chile.


But, that is not all. My transformation process also includes how life hit and challenged me enough to change me, as I will tell you below:

BEFORE (Success Story)

  1. I had a stressful lifestyle (lawyer);
  2. I smoked one and a half pack of cigarettes per day (i.e. 30 cigarettes), and in one night out it was double;
  3. I had up to 15 cups of coffee every day;
  4. I practiced no sports at all, unless you consider a sport to play chess;
  5. I was a habitual alcohol consumer, drinking about 5 or 6, and sometimes 10, glasses of rum or alike in one night at social gatherings;
  6. I had no interest at all in food, and I thought of it just as a process to overcome hunger;
  7. I had no interest at all about self-development … less interest in reading about the subject matter;
  8. I had no spiritual connection or interest in develop it.

After my transformation process I have become a completely different person.

AFTER (Success Story)

  1. I am an extraordinary lifestyle creator, having always time to do things, especially to travel around the world;
  2. I don´t smoke cigarettes;
  3. I don´t drink any coffee;
  4. I have a high sport performance, running in 42 km marathon;
  5. I have dramatically reduced alcohol consumption to just a glass of wine or a beer every now and then;
  6. I enjoy being energetic and having healthy foods;
  7. I am a raving fun of Deepack Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, John Maxwell, Eckhart Toelle, Stephen Covey, Robert Kiyosaki, among many other authors;
  8. I am passionate about meditation, and I am fully connected to the Universe.

I can’t assure you will have the same changes I had and described above, because all depends of your ability to change, but the thing is for sure, is the fact that you and me and everyone must change, actually many times.


You can read about some achievements that can help you in your path, because, as all of us, YOU are also looking for transformations. Nothing is permanent in our lives, but there are constant changes and we need to be in constant change, adapting ourselves

The thing is that in general we are afraid of having transformations, but in many cases we can realize that those fears have their origin in the following reasons:

  • We don´t have enough information, which make us fear new things.
  • We aren’t fully aware of the transformation process, making us fear it too.
  • We lack support during the transformation process.

My transformational experiences and those reasons convinced me to found Coaching is Power: A place where you can find tools to learn, become aware of the unknown, and find support for undergoing the process. As I did, you can also be a TRANSFORMATION TITAN!!
Further explanation about Coaching is Power Proven System can be found in the right menu of this page or in the ABOUT COACHING IS POWER web page.

The goal here is to allow you to achieve whatever you want, no matter if you desire to create a company from scratch to be a millionaire or if you wish to start your spiritual journey to reach Nirvana, or if you just want to meet the most beautiful, intelligent and kind person. The world is the place for you to find TOOLS, SUPPORT and to become a member of our TEAM OF WARRIORS.

That is my success story… for the moment.

Do you want to have your Transformation and Success Story?, Join us!

JP Guzman

CEO – Coach – Entrepreneur – Lawyer

Finally as a good bye from my Success Story, or better, see you soon, the best from me… a picture of my Greatest Rock Start! … My beautiful kids, maybe in the future I will tell you about their Success Story, why not?

two bauty kids


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